About Us

The Eastern Marine Network is a collective of boating clubs, community organisations and local iwi.

Collectively we support Aucklanders to access and enjoy the Waitemata Harbour by providing pathways which encourage boating and marine based sport, recreational and educational activities and support the sustainability of the marine environment.

Members of the Eastern Marine Network include:

Tamaki Yacht Club  |  Kohimarama Yacht Club  |  Glendowie Boating Club  |  Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust

Ngati Whatua  Outboard Boating Club

Our Goals

Representing over 3,000 members and 10,000 Aucklanders, the Eastern Marine Network collaboration of boating clubs, community organisations and local iwi are working to:

  • provide marine based facilities and precincts to meet the needs of the community - locally, regionally and nationally;

  • encourage active participation in water-based sports;

  • promote water safety

  • support the future of our marine environment;

  • assist Auckland Council to deliver their commitment to allow everyone access to the seas.

What we need to achieve our goals 

Orakei Local Board and Auckland Council to recognise the regional and national significance of the services provided by the collective group clubs, organisations and local iwi and commit to proactively working together to achieve better outcomes for Aucklanders;



A proactive, coordinated approach to progressing the plans each individual club, organisation and iwi have in place to deliver an enhanced marine asset for the whole of Auckland


Commitment to co-delivering a framework that addresses the likely impact climate change will have on access and viability of location for each marine facility and precinct

Clear decision pathways with systems, processes and behaviours that are able to respond to the diverse requirements of community marine based sports, recreational activity and events



Greater level of stakeholder engagement and support for a community led process in planning for community assets  


Commitment to a continuity of improvement model designed to ensure issues and progress are recorded and moved seamlessly through the regulatory environment


The Eastern Marine Network collective group is built on a philosophy of local Eastern Bays boating clubs, organisations and iwi working collaboratively to deliver accessible boating and marine based sport, recreational and educational activities to the people of Auckland and encouraging sustainability of the marine environment.  

Individually the boating clubs, community organisations and local iwi provide over 10,000 Aucklanders the ability to enjoy the Waitemata Harbour, and each has plans to further enhance their service offering to encourage active participation amongst members and the community while supporting the health and sustainability of our marine environment.


There is significant potential in the Eastern Bays to support local, regional and national water-based activities and events, however the existing decision-making pathway to support any progress is fragmented, complex and obstructive. This not only results in restricted development, it stops Aucklanders from fully participating in the marine based sport and recreational activities offered by the Eastern Bays clubs.