The Auckland Context

The Eastern Marine Network aligns with the strategic objectives of Auckland Council by actively taking responsibility to create and enhance opportunity for increasing the participation in water sports and marine education, specifically by:

  1. Providing safe, easily accessible venues for water sports activities and events;

  2. Facilitating training and education on water safety and water sports activities;

  3. Providing pathways for all ages, socio-economic groups, ethnicities and capabilities to be involved in marine and water-based sports;

  4. Minimising the economic and infrastructure barriers to marine and water based sports

  5. Providing additional capacity to meet the growing demand from New Zealanders in marine and water-based sports, including sailing, rowing and paddling

  6. Ensuring there is adequate and fit-for-purpose venue capacity available to host major local, regional, national and international events in Auckland at appropriate price points

  7. Working to enhance and protect Auckland’s coastal and marine environment to provide a sustainable marine network now, and in the future

The Eastern Marine Network contributes to these strategic objectives by:

  • Continuing to improve water quality with iwi

  • Providing for the increased demand for marine sport and recreation in Auckland by better strategic planning in the eastern bays and wider Auckland area


  • Working together to agree which sport and recreation activity is best served by which marine precinct area e.g. some areas are best suited to trailer boating, others are best for community access


  • Advocating for decision making in line with the overarching objectives for the eastern bays and wider Auckland areas


  • Agreeing to a strategy with a clear set of actions to be progressed

Auckland Council’s 2019-2039 investment plan Increasing Aucklanders’ Participation in Sport seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • ensure that all Aucklanders participate in sport, by targeting communities of greatest need and addressing disparities.

  • deliver a broader range of programmes, services and facilities that better respond to the diverse needs of Auckland’s communities.

  • address growth and changing community needs through regular assessments of, and changes to, programmes, services and facilities to maximise participation.

The Auckland Sport and Recreation Strategic Action Plan vision is to get Aucklanders more active, more often. The priorities areas identified in this plan are:

  • Participation – More Aucklanders living physically active lives through participation in informal physical activity, recreation and sport.

  • Infrastructure – Access to open spaces, harbours, coastlines, waterways and a fit-for-purpose network of facilities that enable physical activity, recreation and sport at all levels.

  • Excellence in recreation and sport – Pride is built in Auckland’s recreation and sport achievements and strong sporting culture, and talent and excellence are supported and celebrated.

  • Sector development – A strong and capable sector that delivers quality recreation and sport experiences in a sustainable way, and contributes to Auckland’s economy.